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The Epitome of EBV Premium Super Negin Saffron Threads

Unlock the Luxurious World of Flavor with EBV Award Winning Super Negin Saffron. Dive deep into the aromatic richness of our Super Negin Saffron threads, undeniably one of the highest grade saffron varieties available. Elevate your culinary creations with just a teaspoon, transforming ordinary into exceptional.

Purity You Can Trust:

  • Award-Wining Saffron for Superior Taste

  • Grade A+ Saffron: Signifying the best in the world.

  • 100% Organic: No compromises, only nature's best.

  • Ethically-Sourced: Because we care where it comes from.

  • Handpicked: Ensuring only the finest threads make the cut.

  • Reusable Premium Tin Packaging: As premium as its contents.

  • Zero Chemicals or Added Flavours: Keeping it authentic and pure.

Guaranteed Quality: Each batch of EBV Super Negin Saffron undergoes stringent lab testing in ISO 3632 Certified Labs. Our tests measure Crocin (Color), Safranal (Aroma), and Picrocrocin (Flavor), the trifecta that defines saffron's quality. Consistency and unmatched quality control are the keystones of our brand. By ensuring only the purest red stigmas, separated professionally from the style, we uphold an unparalleled standard.

Wholesale Opportunities: With EBV Saffron, get unmatched value in both quality and price. Ideal for bulk purchases, private labels, restaurants, retail businesses, and culinary maestros. Every bulk order comes with a certified lab test. Contact Us for wholesale inquiries.

The Science of Saffron Grading: The richness of saffron is determined by three primary compounds: Crocin, Picrocrocin, and Safranal. The ISO (International Organization for Standardization) gauges the quality based on the content of these compounds. Only the finest saffron achieves the Category 1 designation by the ISO, and we take pride in consistently achieving this benchmark. Learn More

Swift Delivery: Expect prompt delivery, tailored to your location. UK: 2-3 working days | Worldwide: 7-15 working days.

Our Vision: At EBV Saffron, we're more than just a product; we're an experience. Our commitment extends beyond sales, aiming to forge lasting relationships with our customers, ensuring a seamless eCommerce journey for both our sellers and buyers.

Company Information: Company No: 13679056 eBamboo Village T/A Teyli Limited
® EBV Trademarks and brands


Healing Health Benefits of Saffron:​

  • A powerful antioxidant

  • Natural sleep remedy

  • Support memory function

  • Reducing blood pressure

  • Reduce appetite and aid weight loss

  • Cancer-fighting

  • Boost brain power

  • Prevents heart disease

  • Strengthening eyesight

  • Treatment of sexual disorders and and increases libido

  • Improves exercise performance and relieves muscle aches

  • Reduce menopausal symptoms 

  • A natural antidepressant

  • Clear and glowing skin

  • Natural Remedies for ADHD

  • A Natural Digestive Remedy

  • Boosting the immune system

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