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10 Indian Saffron Recipes

Saffron, particularly the high-quality orange super Negin saffron threads, is a luxurious spice that can elevate any dish with its unique aroma, flavor, and color. Here are 10 Indian recipes that showcase the brilliance of this spice:

  1. Saffron Rice: A fragrant rice dish, where basmati rice is simmered with saffron threads, cloves, and cardamom. The vibrant hue and aroma of the saffron make it stand out.

  2. Kesari Milk: A delightful warm beverage made by simmering milk with saffron, sugar, and cardamom. It's comforting and exudes the fragrance of pure saffron.

  3. Saffron Chicken Curry: Tender chicken pieces cooked in a rich, creamy gravy flavored with tomatoes, onions, and a generous pinch of saffron threads.

  4. Saffron Kheer: A traditional rice pudding enhanced with the golden hues and aromatic notes of saffron, garnished with chopped nuts.

  5. Biryani with Saffron: This iconic dish uses saffron to add an extra layer of flavor and color to the rice, making the biryani even more special.

  6. Saffron Lassi: A refreshing yogurt drink sweetened with sugar and heightened with a touch of saffron and cardamom.

  7. Shahi Paneer with Saffron: Soft paneer cubes simmered in a creamy, tomato-based gravy, with the delicate aroma of saffron threads making it truly 'Shahi' (royal).

  8. Saffron Rava Kesari: A semolina dessert infused with the rich flavor and color of saffron, garnished with raisins and cashews.

  9. Saffron Malai Kulfi: A traditional Indian ice-cream, where milk is reduced to a thick consistency and flavored with saffron, cardamom, and nuts.

  10. Saffron and Almond Halwa: A dense, rich dessert made with ground almonds, sugar, ghee, and of course, the star ingredient – saffron.

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